About Williamson Animal Hospital

Williamson Animal Hospital began in 1993 as the private business of a single vet who exclusively made house calls. It has since become a full service veterinary facility offering a wide variety of services to animals in a relaxed, family centered setting. While our facilities and services have expanded, we remain privately owned and make weekly house calls to animals who require at home care.

Williamson Animal Hospital Staff

Our staff provides the best care available to each patient and truly takes an interest in their health. When you bring your pet to us you know that you will be receiving care from a vet you can trust—even in emergencies. We are proud to say that we handle our own emergencies; when you call us you won't get an answering service or be asked to take your pet to another clinic.

At Williamson Animal Hospital we provide the community with animal services at an affordable price. We're truly dedicated to our patients and will do everything in our power to ensure they lead a long and happy life. For veterinary services you can trust, contact us today!